Value Investing Has Returned

The air has been let out of the last run up in the market.  Currently 41 stocks appear in our value window, a significant increase from the handful that were there when I recommended for you to sell anything which may be unable to turn a bigger profit in the next 24 months while the stocks were at the top of the market.

Of them, seven are in high value territory, with one, Avon Products, an avoid at the moment until we see more about what they do to navigate through their troubles.  Several have already been recommended. Credit Suisse is a possibility, but we are still studying it.

Buy of the day is PayChex Inc, (PAYX). About a 4.75% dividend on a stock trading at 26.00-26.10 today which is a great buy for a company with a wide moat, great growth prospects and a leader in its industry.


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