Review of the Week in Crisis and Its Opportunities

Bad weeks are good weeks for value vultures.  The NTT DoCoMo (DCM)  buy, had you jumped on in that two day window, you were able to acquire it and add about a 6-8% bonus for the timing. Still, at under 20.00, it is an attractive buy, especially as mobile communications are going to be key for large areas rebuilding and in the event of more permanent evacuations from areas around the damaged nuclear facility.

The other Japanese ADRs don’t look too promising. They would have to be at substantial discounts to interest me.

A little of the air came out of the market this week, but it is still overvalued. I continue to look for high yield options.  Kumba Iron Ore (KIROY) is not quite as elegant a solution as Great Northern Iron Ore (GNI) but at 7-9% yield and a fairly stable price, it is not a bad pick.  Metals and metals/mineral rights companies should see some lift as the massive rebuilding in Japan, New Zealand, and other quake impacted places continues.

If you took the positions in Lockeed Martin (LMT) and Raytheon (RTN), you will note that they will benefit by the military ramp up in Libya. The recent dip into the 70s was an opportunity to buy, but it has passed and Monday should see the stock maintain or increase slightly.

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